The True Reset.

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The True Reset.

Postby scghost » Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:26 pm

We've seen many computers’ come in for a repair and the person is distressed. The computer shows the green power light suggesting that it's on, the screen may light up, but no images and maybe the computer doesn't fire up at all. Our first thoughts tell us that the motherboard is shot, the screen stopped working or the power adapter has expired, but a lot of times it just needs to reset. Hold the power button for sometime, (10 seconds) and usually it's fixed. If that step doesn't work, well this next step will determine if hardware is an issue. Remove every peripheral on the Laptop (mouse, keyboard, memory card, USB or anything that didn't come with the Laptop). Remove the battery and the attached power cord. Open the lid of the laptop, so the keyboard and screen is visible. Now this is a True Reset and don't worry you won't loose your information. Depending where the power button is located, use the opposite hand, (if the power button is on the right side of your Laptop, use your left hand or vise-versa) push down as many keys as possible. With the other hand push and hold the power button at the same time, hold for 1 minute. Once the one minute is up, replace the power cord only and try starting it up; if successful, shut the computer down and replace everything. Congratulation!

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